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Electronica - Braun Face Spa. SB-810

  • Rs. 8,900/-
  • Seller: Electronica
  • Product Code:SB-810
  • Remaining Stock:100
Delivery Charges: Rs 180/-
Total: Rs 9080/-

Tags: Face Spa

Buy Our Latest Appliances Collection exclusively available on, we provide best quality products with 7 Days return & exchange policy, Delivery all over Pakistan in 3-4 Working Days (Charges apply).

Product Description:

Precise epilation and pore deep cleansing. Reveal your flawless glow. Braun Face lets you enjoy two treatments with one device – simply switch attachments. Precisely remove facial hair by the root with the facial epilator or cleanse skin pore deep with the facial brush. Tested with dermatologists. Suited for sensitive skin.


Sleek looks.
Picks up the finniest baby hairs (0.02 mm).
Pulls the hair from the root.
In my case, I am hair free for one month.
Quick and easy.
Makes the skin super smooth and clear, thus providing the perfect canvas for makeup.

Can be used in the shower.
Claims to be suitable for even sensitive skin.
Makes the skin ultra clean.
Exfoliates very well, as it helped rid a rough and dry patch of skin under my chin.
Pores are ultra clean, thus ready to take full advantage of serums and moisturizers.
braun face epilator

braun face epilatorbraun face epilator

braun face epilator

The facial epilator’s ‘tweezers’ mechanism is different to that of a body epilator. The major difference is that the ‘tweezers’ of the body epilator are of steel and are in larger scale. In comparison the facial epilator’s ‘tweezers’ are of plastic and are much smaller in scale. In addition, the body epilator’s ‘tweezers’ rotate vertically, whereby the facial ‘tweezers’ rotate horizontally.

How to use it:

This takes one AA battery that you insert at the end of the device, by opening it with a coin. used this for three individual sessions and the battery seems to be charged well enough. this is a great idea compared to corded or base charging devices. If you would maybe like to travel with this you don’t have to worry about the differences in wattage and having to remember to carry a travel adopter. If you need another battery, you can quiet likely find a AA battery where ever you may travel to.

braun face epilatorHowever on reading the instructions, it requires a small pull to take it off, and a push to fit the attachment back into place. There is a switch which you can push left and right that changes the rotation of the head. This is so you can pick up the hair easily according to the direction it grows in.

braun face epilator


Epilate across forehead, above the brows, between the brows, upper lip and near side burns. You can also use this on your chin For places like above the lip where the skin is on the looser side, you need to stretch the skin taunt either inside with your tongue (like threading) or with your fingers so that the epilator can catch the hair cleanly with ease.

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